George Lopez was aware of Sandra Bullock`s secret adoption

Updated: May 04, 2010, 17:54 PM IST

New York: Comedian George Lopez is one of the few confidantes who knew about Sandra Bullock`s secret adoption.

Lopez has been a long-time friend of Bullock, who helped start his career.

He stood by the Oscar-winner during her public marriage meltdown.

After filing for divorce from shamed biker Jesse James, Bullock shocked fans with the announcement that she`s adopting a baby boy named Louis Bardo Bullock.

However, Lopez was one of the few confidantes who knew of Louis, who has been living with Bullock since January.

“I am a proud uncle and [my wife] Ann is a proud aunt," the New York Daily News quoted late night talk show host as telling

"Sandra is a loving, giving person, and Louis could not be in a better home. She could not be happier," he added.

Lopez told Extra: "We knew about him a couple of months ago. I love that she was able to do it privately and really take care of Louis, which is first and foremost."