Gerard Butler`s fans want him in action films

Los Angeles: Scottish actor Gerard Butler says his fans wish he does more action films, but he admits he enjoys working in all types of movies.

The 44-year-old actor has worked in romantic films like ‘P.S. I Love You’, ‘Playing for Keeps’ and ‘The Ugly Truth’. But his fans want to see him in action films.

"More people tend to say, `Why the **** don`t you stop doing love stories? If I see you in another love story I`m going to put a knife through your brain,`" quoted Butler as saying.

"I have done a few romantic comedies until they`re coming out of my ****. But I really enjoy making them. I really enjoy making all types of movies," he added.

In his latest movie, ‘Olympus Has Fallen’, Butler plays an army ranger turned secret service agent who must save the President - played by Aaron Eckhart, from a terrorist attack on the White House.

When he watched the final edit, he admits he was shocked to see how violent his character Mike Banning was.

"I didn`t realise how many knives to the brain there were before I watched the movie. Then I was like, Holy f**k! I don`t seem to kill anyone in any other way!` But it`s a pretty effective way to kill somebody," he said.