Halle Berry loves Mother`s Day

Los Angeles: Hollywood actress Halle Berry says she loves Mother`s Day as she doesn`t have to plan anything.

The actress, pregnant with her second child, says she is taken care of on Mother`s day.

“What I love about Mother`s Day is Mom doesn`t have to plan it," said the Oscar winning actress who is dating Oliver Martinez.

"I don`t know what it is. My family gets together and they get to plan the day for me, and I love that. I`m the planner and I`m the one that organises. And on Mother`s Day I get to just be taken care of."

On whether her daughter, Nahla, is expecting a little brother or a little sister, Berry admits that the family is taking a wait-and-see approach, at least for now, reports people.com.

She said: “We don`t know what we`re having. We`re having a baby, that`s for sure.”