Halle Berry teaches daughter to remember her name if she goes missing

Updated: Aug 20, 2010, 15:37 PM IST

London: Halle Berry is so scared after her daughter went missing in the public that she is now teaching the tot to tell police her famous mum’s name in case she’s ever lost or kidnapped.

The ‘Monster’s Ball’ star suffered a "breakdown" when Nahla, her two-year-old with ex-fiancé Gabriel Aubrey, suddenly went missing while they were on an errand, and she admits she feared the worst.

"I took her shopping, and I had that moment that every parent has. You look away for a second and they’re gone, and your body just gets all hot. And so I had a little breakdown... I look around and, sure enough, 30 seconds later, she pokes her head out: ``Hi, Mommy,’” the Daily Express quoted her as telling America’s Vogue magazine.

And for future safety, if in case the playful toddler ever goes missing, Berry is training her to make sure she knows exactly how to say who she is.

"It made me think: What if she really did get lost? Would she be able to say who she is? So that night, I said, ``What’s your mommy’s name?`` And she looked at me like, ``You idiot. Why are you asking me what your name is? I asked her again... she thought about it for a second, and finally she said, ``Halle Blueberries!``" she added.