Hollywood practices racism: Zoe Saldana

Zeenews Bureau

Los Angeles: Zoe Saldana, who portrayed the character of Neytiri in James Cameron’s 3-D blockbuster film `Avatar`, says she is a victim of racism.

The actress expressed her anguish over the fact that her non-white origin has made her suffer discrimination even at work.

Talking to a daily, Zoe, who is half Dominican and half Puerto Rican said, “Of course there`s racism and discrimination in Hollywood. You go for a part and they say, `Oh, we really liked her, she`s amazing, but we wanted to go with something more traditional.` As if I`m not a traditional American!”

The 33 year old actress also feels sorry for people who indulge in racism.

“I feel sorry for people like that. They need to educate themselves. Mostly you move on and say, `Well, I wasn`t meant to work with you or be around someone like you` Other times you might say, `You`re ignorant, you`re a racist. That`s it. I`m out of here!,” said Saldana.

Zoe has been discriminated so many times in her life owing to her origin that she has started to hate Americans.

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