Hrithik Roshan doesn’t worship idols!

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Hrithik Roshan, who is playing a Maharashtrian in his upcoming flick ‘Agneepath’ has fond memories of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi festival, but surprisingly, the actor doesn’t believe in idol worship.

The man, who looks like a Greek God, grew up listening to Ganesh aarti.

Talking to a daily about his experience while shooting a Ganesh song in ‘Agneepath’, Hrithik said, “It was an electrifying moment when I heard the song, especially the interlude bit, which has the Ganesh aarti tune that is a signature tune across India because most of us have grown up either singing it or hearing it.”

The hunk of an actor has a number of Ganesh idols at home. “Every nook and cranny of my home has a Ganesh idol because my mother cannot resist buying Ganesh idols,” the actor said.

Recalling the enriching memories of his childhood, a nostalgic Hrithik said, “I could never have enough of it when I was a child. The kids from our neighbourhood would sing the aarti accompanied by dhol and other musical instruments like the manjira, etc and I would sing along in my loudest voice.”

Hmm…it really doesn’t matter Duggu if you don’t believe in worshiping idols as long as you have devotion for the lord in your heart!

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