I had an affair with Rossdale during his Stefani romance, claims Love

New York: Courtney Love has claimed that she had an affair with Gavin Rossdale during his relationship with Gwen Stefani.

It was during an appearance on Howard Stern`s Sirius XM radio show Monday that the Hole rocker made the claim, reports The New York Daily News.

Love, 45, said that she had a "vision of marrying Gavin Rossdale one time ... We were like, ``Let`s go spend our rock star money!``"

She said they "had a really good time" together.

"Everyone gave me so much s--- because Gavin sounded like a lot like Kurt...." Love said. "But man, he was such an Adonis in his day! He got good in bed ... something happened. Maybe Gwen taught him, for all I know."

When Love was asked if she was sleeping with Rossdale when he was dating Stefani, she said, "Yes … she does know."

"Everyone ... yeah ... and a few other people," Love continued. "We didn`t have a lot of pressure on each other, but we did like each other quite a bit."

Rossdale has been married to Stefani since 2002.