I still crave for my one dream role: Raghubir Yadav

Kolkata: Versatile actor Raghubir Yadav said he is yet to get a film which can fully satisfy him as an actor.

"I feel inadequate. I am yet to get an offer which allows me to make my statement as an actor," Raghubir told reporters here.

Despite essaying memorable roles in `Salaam Bombay` and `Dear Friend Hitler`, Raghubir said he does not know why he still feels unsatisfied.

"Yes, I am happy to portray variegated roles, but don`t know why I feel I am not satisfied yet. Perhaps one should not feel satisfied easily," Raghubir said.

Raghubir, 56, whose next Hindi film `Club 16` is aet to hit theatres soon, said Charlie Chaplin is his all-time favourite and he envied him for the acting skill.

"Many actors had got inspiration from Chaplin`s craft over the years," said Raghubir, whose `Salaam Bombay`, `Lagaan`, and `Water` had received many awards.

Raghubir does not want to bracket films as arthouse or masala, saying all films have a commercial angle.

"But yes, if you say about portraying realistic roles, I believe my role as station master in `Gandho` is significant in that it deals with a common man. Nondo babu is the typical Bengali middle aged man, a railway station master, who has his flings and fantasies," he said.

Asked if being typecast as the common man in all his Bengali films, including the `elephant man` in children`s film `Damu`, he said, "May be people identify me with that tag. I liked pulling a rickshaw in the `Atta Ater Bongao Local` and during outdoor shoots many mistook me as one of them."

Asked if mastering Bengali could be a hindrance, Raghubir said, "As I said Bangla bohut mithi bhasa (Bengali is a sweet language) which I can understand and speak a bit."

The shooting of his third Bengali film `Gandho` will take place in Purulia and he is eager to probe beyond the red soil of the place.