It would be great to play a girl-next-door: Mila Kunis

London: Actress Mila Kunis says she would love to play a girl-next-door after playing nasty characters.

The ‘Black Swan’ star, who is believed to be dating actor Ashton Kutcher, said she gets to play nasty characters because she is naturally loud, reported Contactmusic.

"It`s really fun playing a bad girl. I`m naturally a very loud person. It might be nice to play the girl next door or something. But I don`t get those parts for some reason, people don`t really believe that I`m that innocent, but I am!

"I also want to play a superhero. Once I do a really awesome superhero movie, I`m done. Not a cheesy one, but a solid cool superhero, like Superman, but a woman, and cooler," she said.

Kunis, 28, said she is rather boring in real life and relishes the opportunity to dress up and pretend to be someone else.

"I like to make dinner and stay home and watch TV. I don`t go out. I don`t put on stilettos and show off my assets. That`s not who I am. But the cool thing is, I get to play that character if I want to."