Jennifer Aniston`s mother suffers a stroke

Los Angeles: Actress Jennifer Aniston has rushed to her mother Nancy`s hospital bedside after she suffered a stroke.

The former 42-year-old former `Friends` star, who was estranged from her mother for 10-years after she gave an interview about their relationship in 1996, rushed to be with 75-year-old following the incident, reported TMZ online.

She was accompanied by her boyfriend Justin Theroux on the visit to a Los Angeles medical centre, which caused Aniston to cry during her time there.

Nancy is reportedly unable to speak and is in a serious condition.

The actress previously confirmed she and her mother, who was not invited to her wedding to Brad Pitt in 2000, were back on speaking terms after ending the rift in 2008.

"It`s good. It`s OK. Things are now fine between us. All of that is over, and we`re in touch with one another. We speak and it`s all over," she said.

Nancy has previously written a book about their life, entitled `From Mother and Daughter to Friends`.


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