JK Rowling`s regret of not pairing Harry, Hermione outrages fans

ANI| Last Updated: Feb 04, 2014, 13:07 PM IST

London: JK Rowling`s surprise admission that Hermoine should have ended up with Harry, instead of Ron in the `Harry Potter` series has outraged some fans.

However, while her statement made those who support the actual series` ending wail, those who always wanted Hermione to end up with Harry rejoiced, the Guardian reported.

One devastated reader wrote on The Leaky Cauldron fan site blaming her for kicking down 10 years of what was considered to be the most beautiful, unconditional and bare bones real relationship that could ever exist between 2 people.

Harry/Hermione supporters, who call themselves Harmonians were jumping for joy, with one claiming that the author herself has finally come forward and admitted that she was wrong and they weren`t delusional to ship Harry and Hermione.