JLo still finds love the most confusing, fascinating thing in the world

London: Jennifer Lopez, whose new album is titled ‘ Love?’ has confessed that she still finds love the most confusing and fascinating thing in the world.

“I admit it, I still find love the most confusing, fascinating thing in the world,” a daily quoted Lopez as saying, despite having finally found her prince charming, actor Marc Anthony, her husband of seven years.

Although the singer has not always been lucky in love, she also revealed that it is the one thing that has always driven her and she is in a good place now.

“Well, I think because I can look at things with a little bit of distance. I’m in a really happy, good place now, and when you have babies, you feel a different kind of love to anything you’ve experienced – deeper, more profound.

“No matter how much experience you have in love, you’re always learning new things about it; you’re always going to have questions you can never fully answer. And that’s what I wanted to do with this album – explore the questions.’ And what answers did she come up with? Absolutely none at all,” the Latina superstar added.


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