Jude Law, Sienna Miller ‘set to buy new house and live together’

London: Jude Law and Sienna Miller have apparently put an offer on a 3.5-million-pound townhouse to stay together.

"Jude and Sienna feel they`re meant to be. They have so much history - not all of it good - but have a great deal in common and an undeniable chemistry,” the Mirror quoted a source as saying.

"They`ve lived together before, first time around, but since rekindling their romance, have been shacking up on an ad hoc basis.”

"Jude suggested they look for a place together - a completely neutral place with no old memories. Somewhere they can start afresh and turn into a loving home.

"A friend of a friend had a brilliant place in North London going and, after two viewings, they decided to go for it - and put an offer in. Now it`s just a matter of getting the offer accepted, signing the paperwork and exchanging contracts. Both of them are really happy. Things are going great," the source added.