Kate Moss hires transvestite for wedding

London: Supermodel Kate Moss has hired a team of transvestites for adult guests at her wedding with Jamie Hince.

Moss is set to marry Hince July 1 in Oxfordshire, South East England.

"Kate has hired a small team of transvestites to chaperone guests to the toilets and back to their seats. Most of them will be 6ft 5ins in their heels," femalefirst.co.uk quoted a source as saying.

"She`s also having naked musclemen with fake tattoos on their backs and chests of Kate and Jamie`s names and faces. Kate`s hoping guests will have pictures with them," the source added.

The couple have also arranged for some unusual acts to entertain their guests during the reception, including a dancer, trapeze artist and a group of pipers.

"There will also be a huge champagne glass set up in the grounds with a naked woman dancing in pink smoke. Finally there is an incredible trapeze artist who will strip as she does her act and Scottish pipers who`ll play as guests are shown to their dinner seats," said the source.


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