Kate Moss, Rita Ora new best friends?

London: Rita Ora is reportedly getting close to supermodel Kate Moss, who is expected to accompany the pop star actress to an Ibiza trip.

The 22-year-old `How We Do Party` hitmaker considers Moss`s company more fulfilling as compared to her estranged friend Cara Delevingne who recently misbehaved with the singer at a fashion event, reported Sun online.

"Rita sees Kate as an upgrade from Cara. She started to see Cara as a liability after she interrupted her set at a DKNY fashion show last month. Things have deteriorated since then. And she knows Kate can give her advice about making her career last decades," a source said.

"Rita met Kate through party planner Fran Cutler and Rita`s ex ? David Beckham`s best pal Dave Gardner. Cara was jealous of Rita`s relationship with Calvin but this time he was not left out. He is going to Ibiza with Rita, Kate and her husband Jamie Hince," the source added.

Meanwhile Delevingne has planned a holiday R&B singer Rihanna.