Katrina Kaif risks her safety by taking a local cab!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: The reason why Katrina Kaif is so big a hit with the masses is probably because she doesn’t know how beautiful she is! Recently, the British beauty took a local cab to reach her destination without giving any second thought to the mass-hysteria she would create while traveling alone without security on the city roads.

News has it that recently when Katrina was required to fly to Bangalore for an event with her ‘Raajneeti’ cast members; she just hopped into a taxi with her hand-luggage and went off. The cab driver was oblivious at first but was absolutely stunned when he glanced at the rear mirror to see who exactly the occupant was!

When she was asked to comment about the gimmick, a nonchalant Katrina said, "But what`s the big deal about hopping into a cab to rush to the airport? Thousands of girls do it all the time. What`s there to get hyper? My driver was late because he got caught in a traffic snarl.”

Further adding that her crew members were waiting for her at the airport, she said, "If I had waited any more, I would`ve missed my flight. So I waved for a cab hopped in and zipped off."

This is not the first time that Katrina’s total neglect of her security is out in the open. Only recently when she was mobbed by her fans at a public gathering, she fobbed off security arrangements saying, "They love me. They can never harm me."