Katy Perry denies "taming" Russell Brand

London: Katy Perry insists that she did not need to "tame" her fiance Russell Brand as the former womaniser was "ready for a change" already.

The `I Kissed A Girl` hitmaker is due to exchange vows with the British funnyman later this year following a whirlwind romance.

Brand`s fans were stunned to hear he was settling down and turning his back on his Lothario reputation, but the 25-year-old singer is adamant she hasn`t forced the `Get Him to the Greek` star into responsibility, reported The Guardian.

"He knows that I`m young and have friends and a social life, and he was attracted to me. Not, `Oh let`s find a version of myself in a female.` Every once in a while I need to remind him of that and he listens. It`s all about communication. It`s not about taming, because that won`t last," said Perry.

"Not everything stays perfect. We all start to slow down. I think he was ready for change. One of the things that attracted me to him is his brain. He`s one of the smartest men I`ve met. I feel smarter just standing next to him," she added.