Kirsten Dunst`s purse-snatcher gets 4yr jail sentence

New York: The man who snatched actress Kirsten Dunst`s purse has been sentenced to four years behind bars.

Convicted Brooklyn shoplifter, gun toter and car thief James Jimenez swiped a 2,000 dollar Balenciaga purse from the ‘Spiderman’ beauty after sneaking into a 2007 movie shoot at the Soho Grand hotel.

Although the Manhattan DA`s office had argued for the maximum sentence of seven years, but the judge only gave him four.

He could have faced a minimum of 3 and a half years in prison.

"I don’t understand the charges. I don’t understand why I’m being charged," the New York Post quoted Jimenez, 36, as telling the judge.

But Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Jill Konviser replied: "I understand, because I presided over this trial and I’m familiar with all the evidence."