Kylie Minogue can’t believe sister Dannii is pregnant

London: Kylie Minogue says she still can`t believe her little sister Dannii is pregnant - and admits that she keeps thinking the X Factor judge just has ‘a balloon up her jumper’.

"I said to Dannii, `I think I`m a rational person and I`ve just felt the baby kick, I know that`s all reality,” a news website quoted the pop star saying.

"But at the same time, as your sister, it`s just so surreal.

"`It`s like someone`s just put a balloon up your jumper,’” she added.

The Australian star is already an aunt as her brother has two children, but said it is "different" this time because Dannii, 38, is her sister.

The pop princess reckons even feeling her tiny niece or nephew-to-be kicking does not make it seem any more realistic.

Minogue is trying to work her dates out so that she can be around for her sister’s delivery, and is very excited by how well her sister has looked while expecting her first child.

"We all want to be like that!"

She added, "She`s just absolutely shining and I couldn`t be any more proud of her than I am.

"I saw her just before she left and she`s glowing. It`s very exciting for the whole family."

Minogue, who will be busy touring and working for her next album, has denied that she would want to replace Danii as the next X-factor judge.

She said, "It`s a little impractical and I think that it`s really Dannii`s gig and she excels in that.

"I`ve never done it, maybe I`d be OK but I just think she does it so well.”



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