Lara Dutta finds an ardent fan in Vivek Oberoi

Updated: May 03, 2010, 19:32 PM IST

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: The latest beauty queen to catch fancies of the jinxed lover-boy Vivek Oberoi is Lara Dutta. The actor who is known more for his spats and troubles than his acting skills seems to have developed a soft corner for the dusky beauty. Lara Dutta and Vivek Oberoi were last seen romancing in Karan Johar’s production ‘Kaal’ which didn’t quite raise the heat, but their roof top song in the film ‘Masti’ did cause a flutter and their screen chemistry obviously rocked.

Recently, Vivek expressed his feelings for Lara through a social networking site by praising her and saying that she is really warm and is very unlike other beauty queens he has known in the past. The actor gave this comment on the site after attending a beauty contest held recently in Mumbai.

If we look in the past, most of the actor’ romantic liaisons have been with former beauty queens, so it’s but apparent to see Vivek going all out when it comes to admiring ‘crowned’ girls, irrespective of how flattering it might sound. Lara was not available to comment on what Vivek had written about her.

But, if we really start reading between the lines, it gets easy to interpret what actually Vivek means. His praising Lara can have a lot much inflection with his past experience which made him come to a conclusion that most beauty queens are rather cold than what they actually seem.