LiLo denies she`s addicted to drink and drugs

Updated: May 10, 2010, 16:25 PM IST

London: Lindsay Lohan has hit back at rumours that she`s addicted to drink and drugs.

In a TV interview, the Mean Girls star sat alongside her mum Dina to set the record straight about the recent rumours.

The actress’ estranged father Michael recently claimed that his daughter was hooked on prescription drugs.

However, Lindsay has slammed his claims, insisting she has turned her life around, reports the Sun.

She told Entertainment Tonight: "I`m OK... when did I stop being OK?

"I am fine. I am happy and I am working. And I`m good.

"I`m surrounded by great friends now. You know, I have weeded out a lot of people in my life.

"I don`t (have substance abuse problems). I work. And if I go out with my friends, I`m 23, and I`m allowed to do that. I don`t go out when I`m working," she added.

She has also blamed false claims about her lifestyle for lack of work.

"It distracts from me getting jobs. That`s when it hurts the most - especially when it`s not true," she said.