Lindsay Lohan flees New York after `argument` with mum

Last Updated: Oct 12, 2012, 16:33 PM IST

Washington: Lindsay Lohan was so eager to escape her late-night party pal and mother Dina with whom she had an epic argument in a limo, that she took the next flight leaving for Los Angeles on Thursday, according to reports.

The latest twists came barely 24 hours after flip-flopping Lohan declared mother Dina was “like the f---ing devil” while dialing father Michael for help during a screaming fight with his ex-wife.

The ‘Mean Girls’ star left New York following the Wednesday morning mess where Nassau County Police were called by dad Michael at the family’s North Merrick, Long Island residence.

The mother and daughter, after partying until 4:30 am, were headed home in a chauffeured SUV when the increasingly ugly spat erupted.

“It was just a personal argument, and it was stupid and it shouldn’t have happened,” quoted the actress as saying.

“It just escalated . . . I was being disrespectful. But s--- happens,” she said.

Lohan left New York for California on a Thursday flight — but not without giving mom a farewell Twitter shoutout.

“Miss u @dinalohan,” she tweeted from the plane.

Lohan was due later Thursday at a Beverly Hills product launch for a ginseng-infused health drink called Mr. Pink.

She denied that the cross-country trek was inspired by the family feud, according to a source.

“We were always set to leave when we flew,” she said.

“So I wasn’t escaping from my mom,” she said.