‘Lonely’ Lara Bingle wants to earn back her respect

Melbourne: Australian model Lara Bingle has owned up to her mistakes and even promised never to do a story for money in a bid to win back respect and to get her life on track.

In an unpaid interview with Grazia magazine, Bingle, 22, admits that selling the Brendan Fevola nude picture story for a reported 200,000 dollars fee, a deal that her agent Max Markson brokered, cost her numerous sponsorship deals and a fall from grace in the public eye.

“I made a mistake, I can’t blame anyone else for it. It was my decision and I thought it would settle things but it just got worse,” a website quoted her as saying.

“I’ll never do that again.

“I know I need to build up people’s respect and I’m going to have to start at the bottom and work up, but that’s what I’ll do,” she added.