Mariah Carey sparks Twitter storm over `lip-synching` claims

Last Updated: Jul 02, 2013, 16:44 PM IST

London: Mariah Carey is facing a backlash on Twitter, with her fans accusing her of lip-synching during her performance at the BET Awards.

The ` Hero` hit maker sang `Beautiful`, along with Miguel and Young Jeezy, while wearing a beautiful silver and white dress as she crooned in front of a revolving gold backdrop on Sunday, the Sun reported.

But the 43-year-old singer`s performance left much to be desired, and her loyal, but furious, admirers took to the social networking site to vent their frustration, claiming that the star had just mouthed the words.

One viewer wrote that the mum-of-two might not want to make it so obvious and advised her not to stop moving her lips before the recording stopped.

Brittany Landers complained: " Mariah Carey is forever lip synching #overrated #youreembarrassing."

Another Mariah Facini tweeted that she didn`t understand why Carey even came to the BET awards, as she lip-synched the entire time.