Matthew McConaughey is strict father

Updated: Mar 22, 2011, 15:18 PM IST

London: Actor Matthew McConaughey says he is a strict father to children three-year-old son Levi and 15-month-old daughter Vida with his partner Camila Alves.

"Discipline is very cool. We run a tight and fun shift. I`m very playful but parents have the advantage of being around for so much longer," he told a newspaper.

"If we`re going to sit there and teach our kids that life has consequences, they`re going to turn 18 and go out in their own world. They`re going to find it the hard way. You do it early so they understand how the world works and what is expected of them, not only as a citizen, but as their family name, as a McConaughey, things like that," he added.

The ‘Lincoln Lawyer’ star revealed his concern after watching other people do a bad job with their children and see them turn out to be ‘junk’, reports a website.

"I`ve known too many kids -- and some of them have been my friends -- that did not turn out to be worth a c**p because the parents let them do whatever they wanted to do. They`ve turned to be junk," he added.