Melissa Etheridge taught Brad Pitt ‘the art of fishing’ in her pool

Washington: Female rock artist Melissa Etheridge has revealed that she was the one who taught Hollywood actor Brad Pitt to fish in her pool.

In an interview with Access Hollywood Live, Etheridge, 50, revealed that she introduced the 47-year-old actor to the art of fly-fishing in the early 90s.

Pitt was given a part in the 1992 flick ‘A River Runs Through It’ where he needed to fish, so Etheridge was there to help out the actor.

“I love to fish. I grew up in the Midwest and loved to fish, totally a huge fly-fishing [fan],” US magazine quoted the singer as telling Access Hollywood Live.

“I taught Brad Pitt how to fly-fish in my swimming pool!” she added.