M.I.A. seeks Hillary Clinton`s help to resolve visa issue

London: Rapper M.I.A. is apparently seeking help from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in her ongoing visa battles.

Her mother has been refused permission to visit her newborn grandson.

The `Paper Planes` hitmaker previously clashed with immigration officials over her own status after courting controversy with her comments about political unrest in Sri Lanka.

Now the star`s family has been dragged into the tiff. When her mother mother Kala tried to visit M.I.A.`s baby son Ikhyd, she was blocked from entering America.

"They`ve singled me out. They said my mum would be fine if I just apologised to the Sri Lankan embassy. Which I`m not gonna do," the Daily Star quoted her as telling Q magazine.

It`s not like she actually knows how to make a f**king bomb, strap it on and walk into Tesco`s (supermarket)... We`ve had Hillary Clinton involved.

Hills got back (to us) and she was like, `You know, it happens...`" she added.