Mila Kunis urges youngsters take interest in politics

Los Angeles: Mila Kunis is urging youngsters to take keen interest in politics.

The 28-year-old star, who is a staunch supporter of President Barack Obama, says it`s "crazy" that youngsters in the US "don`t educate themselves about the world".

She urges them to read book, newspaper and learn about current affairs - for the sake of their own children, reports

"Yes (I`m frustrated), because you are given such an amazing opportunity with so much information. Why is no-one taking advantage of it? You don`t have to watch Fox News or CNN or MSNBC; you don`t have to be part of a political party, you could just read. Why is nobody reading? I feel like, in our generation, people don`t read," Kunis told Stylist magazine.

"They don`t read books, they don`t read the paper, they don`t read the news. So obviously you are incredibly ill-informed to the point where they will go do these tests in Middle America... And they`ll ask, `OK, what party are you?` And they`ll say, `Republican`. `Why?` And they can`t even tell you. They have no idea what the Republican Party stands for.

"It`s crazy to me that people don`t educate themselves about the world considering so many of them have children who are going to suffer because of it," she added.


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