MJ’s ‘furious’ mom says Dr. Murray is a liar

Washington: Michael Jackson’ s mother Katherine is fuming that Dr. Conrad Murray told cops two days after her beloved son died, that he comforted her and the singer’s three children after the tragic death.

She claimed that the embattled cardiologist is a liar who made the whole thing up, RadarOnline.com reported.

Katherine Jackson called Deputy District Attorney David Walgren earlier this week, and told him that she was outraged that Dr. Murray made up such a preposterous tale.

“Katherine was almost beside herself with anger after she heard Dr. Murray telling cops that he comforted her and the grandchildren after her son was declared dead,” a Jackson family insider revealed.

“ It just never happened, Dr. Murray made the whole thing up. She is disgusted and outraged at Dr. Murray for even daring to suggest that he was there for her,” the insider added.

Jackson’s oldest son, Prince also said Dr. Murray never even spoke to them, Katherine’s nephew, Trent Jackson, told CNN’s Alan Duke.

According to Trent, the children were kept in an SUV outside of the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Centre and it is the singer’s manger Frank DiLeo who escorted the children into the emergency room after their grandmother arrived.


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