My family is my rock: Zac Efron

Los Angeles: Actor Zac Efron, who went into rehab for substance abuse twice this year, says family and friends have helped him through hard times.

"My family`s my rock. I know my family`s always going to be there, but then there`s also, as life changes, sometimes they can`t really be there for you in the way that you need. So I rely on my friends," Efron said at a Yahoo! Movies fan-event panel with Miles Teller and Michael B Jordan, his co-stars in the upcoming romantic comedy `That Awkward Moment`.

"More and more I`ve come to rely on my little brother to keep me grounded," added the actor referring to Dylan Efron, 21.

Last month, TMZ Online reported that "High School Musical" star Efron had been doing cocaine for more than two years and was also using a form of ecstasy known as Molly.

The site said he sought professional help in March, and checked into a private residence where he underwent several weeks of outpatient treatment.

The 25-year-old, who confessed that he was not seeing anyone, listed some criteria for his dream girl.

Efron said that he was interested in someone who was "creative and smart, self-confident and had a nice smile."

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