Oliver Stone admires Hugo Chavez

London: American filmmaker Oliver Stone has said that he has great admiration for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Stone was all praises for Chavez, while promoting his new documentary South of the border in Caracas, saying that the politician is forging a movement for ‘social transformation’ in Latin American.

The film has informal interviews by Stone with Chavez and six allied leftist presidents including Bolivia`s Evo Morales to Cuba`s Raul Castro.

“I admire Hugo. I like him very much as a person. I can say one thing, he shouldn’t be on television all the time,” Stone said.

“As a director I say you don`t want to be overpowering. And I think he is sometimes that way,” he added.

“He`s a soldier and he speaks from his heart. His vision is huge. And he will go down in history,” he further added.

Stone hopes the resurrect Chavez’s image by helping people understand him better than a leader who is known ‘as a strongman, as a buffoon, as a clown,’ reports The Mirror.



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