Preity Zinta sues websites over fake drug abuse reports!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Preity Zinta is mighty peeved over alleged wrong done to her by certain websites. The actress plans to sue at least seven websites which claims has slandered her name spreading the word that she was into substance abuse and who even checked into a rehab in US to get rid of the drug menace.

Reportedly, the alleged websites fabricated hearsay out of proportion. Insinuating awful image, Preity is especially miffed with news claiming that her name was stored in a cocaine dealers` mobile, together with a picture of her using the drug.

Buzz has it that the actress is demanding crores by way of defamation from the offending websites.

Sources close to the actress confirm that Preity has already contacted the Cyber Cell of the Mumbai Police, besides hiring a lawyer to take her case forward. Preity`s grouse is that her equity and image is at stake. She is suspicious that these websites leak false and unsavoury news about her to various other websites. She believes that it is because of these websites that her name is being maligned in public.

It is also rumored that there is a certain Delhi businessman who`d been harassing her in the past and with whom she had fallout earlier. Preity plans to take stringent legal action once the identity of the culprit is confirmed.

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