Ranbir keen for his own item number before world tour

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Ranbir Kapoor’s much hyped world tour has been put on hold. Even though the Kapoors had been making lavish preparations for Ranbir’s first ever world tour, the plan has been sacked as of now. And it’s all owing to the fact that Ranbir doesn’t have many jazzy dance numbers to his name. With no huge dance number to perform at, the dashing actor’s world tour will only go on floor next year.

As per sources, Ranbir’s world tour is set to have performances by Katrina, Bipasha and Malaika Khan. While all these ladies have their respective item numbers ‘Sheila ki jawaani’, ‘Beedi jalaile’ and ‘Munni badnaam’ to dance at, Ranbir doesn’t have a matching hit song.

In August last year, Rishi Kapoor told a section of the media, "You can`t go on a world concert without a bank of songs. Now that Ranbir has a few chartbusters, it`s the right time."

However, papa Kapoor seems to have realised that his son needs a hit number before going for live stage performances.

And with Ranbir’s next film ‘Rockstar’ set for release this year, his family members want the film’s songs to be a part of his much anticipated world tour.

Confirming the news a source said, "Now, because of the IPL it isn`t certain if Rockstar and its music will be released before the scheduled concerts. To Ranbir, going on a world tour without the Rahman songs makes no sense. This is the first time that Rahman has scored music for a Ranbir starrer."

Talking to a news daily, Rishi Kapoor said, "We don`t want to go on the World tour without Ranbir`s ‘Rockstar’ music. And we can only do that if the film is released.”