Reg Traviss dating Amy Winehouse for publicity?

London: Ex-girlfriend of director Reg Traviss, a burlesque stripper Raven Isis, has claimed that he is dating Amy Winehouse because he knows that her fame could get him publicity for his new movie.

"Amy needs to know she is being used by him. We were madly in love and he threw it all away to be with her just because she`s famous," Isis told News Of the World newspaper.

"He`s not the Mr Nice Guy Amy and her family think he is. In fact, he`s calculating and knows exactly that her fame will raise his own profile," she added.

Isis said she was left heartbroken the stories of a budding relationship between and the director and siger started surfacing.

"When I confronted him he said they were friends and that he was angry that she was telling everyone they were an item," Isis said.

According to Isis, Traviss later begged her to keep their relationship a secret because he needed the publicity for his debut film `Psychosis` and promised to ditch Winehouse after the movie`s premiere, which passed two weeks ago.

Learning that Traviss was still seeing the singer Isis claimed she dumped him, adding, "He`s a fame-hungry cheat and I can never forgive him for doing this. But she should know that since I dumped him he has bombarded me with texts every day asking to see me."

"I know he will ditch her as soon as he has got the fame he wants. And I would put money on the fact that he will be coming back to me with his tail between his legs. But he hasn`t got a chance in hell," she said.