Rihanna holds plane party to celebrate start of 777 tour

London: R&B star Rihanna held a party on board her Delta Boeing plane to mark the start of her `777` tour.

The 24-year-old `Diamonds` singer began her rock `n` roll adventure by serving champagne, cognac and tequila on board her private plane as she and her guests flew from Los Angeles to Mexico City for the first concert of her unique run of shows, reported Daily Mail online.

The `777` tour sees Rihanna perform concerts in seven different cities in seven different countries in North America and Europe in seven days to promote her new album `Unapologetic`.

Rihanna greeted her fans and invited journalists as they boarded by shouting into a microphone.

"Hello! This is 777. Let`s get drunk! I love you! We will transform this jumbo jet into a tour bus ... We are practically living on this thing for a week: sleeping, partying, all together... It`s going to be a wild ride.

"I wanted it to be a rock `n` roll adventure, and I think when it`s over it will be the coolest thing I`ve ever done," she said.

Before the plane touched down in Mexico, guests were given a special gift bag personally put together by Rihanna, which included flight socks, a T-shirt, perfume and a diamond bracelet.