Robbie Williams spots more UFOs

London: Famous for his obsession with extraterrestrial objects, singer Robbie Williams has now claimed he spotted a UFO once in Beverly Hills.

The `Angel` hitmaker, who has rejoined his pop group `Take That`, said that he saw a square shaped UFO when he was holidaying at a luxury hotel in California, Contactmusic reported.

"There`s been a few times I`ve seen something but the main one came when I was staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel when I was completely sober," recalls the British singer.

Williams, a former drug addict, explained that he saw the weird object at night while he was lounging in the backyard with a lady friend.

"It was half 10 in the evening. I was on sun lounger on the patio next to a young lady who shall remain nameless because she`s married. There were palm trees about 40ft away from us down the patio then all of a sudden the sky blacked out, there was no stars anymore but about 200ft up there was a square object that hovered for a while then moved on," said Williams.

The 36-year-old singer said that his first encounter with a UFO came when he was as a kid in Britain.

"You tell a lot of people and they go `You`re a nutter... The fact of the matter is it might have been an American secret plane or something, who knows? But I hope it was an alien," added Williams, who based his 2006 Close Encounters concert tour on UFOs.


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