Robert Pattinson is my inspiration, says Ashely Greene

Melbourne: `Twilight` star Ashley Greene, has revealed that her co-star in the film, Robert Pattinson, is her inspiration.

The 23-year-old is impressed by how Pattinson remains unfazed by stardom despite a huge fan following.

"Robert Pattinson, who plays my adoptive brother in the Twilight films, has been one of my biggest inspirations," a news daily quoted Greene as saying.

"As a person, he`s not like anyone I`ve ever met in Hollywood, and as an actor he`s a complete natural. He has no ego. Everyone loves him, but he``s unaffected by that and never seems fazed by the attention that comes his way," said Greene.

"He`s not changed a bit since I worked with him on the first Twilight movie. He`s a great night out if you tag along with him to a pub or bar. He`s not the nightclubbing, get-up-and-dance kind of guy, but during shooting we`ll join him back at his hotel, where he`ll get out his guitar and we`ll have a loud sing along," she added.