Rumours drive Kate Upton crazy

Los Angeles: Model Kate Upton doesn`t find any humour in rumours about herself as her family members tend to believe stories about her and question her.

The 22-year-old says it drives her "crazy" as her mother scolds her about the untrue stories she reads in the press.

"Reading things about myself that aren`t true drives me crazy! I`ve managed to block it out, but my family really hasn`t," Upton told

"So they`ll read about me and then call me up saying, `Are you alright? I saw this happened` and my mum will call and say, `Well, I saw you went to Vegas, when you could have come to the family reunion...` and I`m like, `Mum, I swear, I`m in Europe!` It`s insane," she added.

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