SHOCKING: Ashmit Patel washed Veena Malik’s underwear in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house!

By Resham Sengar | Updated: Oct 17, 2013, 12:43 PM IST

Zee Media Bureau/Resham Sengar

New Delhi: Veena Malik, who is known for her bold and bindass image, never minces words while talking to the press. And the recent revelation by her is no exception.

Talking to a news daily, the actress has revealed that her alleged beau, Ashmit Patel, used to wash her lingerie while the duo were in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house almost 3 years ago.

Veena, who was recently seen sharing the screen space with Ashmit Patel in ‘Supermodel’, was asked whether the duo’s fallout had any effect on their onscreen rapport. The controversial actress, on her part, defended any issue while working with Ashmit and said, “No, the chemistry was much stronger. When you have that connect with the past, and now you guys don`t talk to each other, the pent up emotions find a way out. Once that connect is there, it is always there. You cannot just erase it. It was obviously there. It wasn`t shown on Bigg Boss, but Ashmit too loved me a lot.”

What really raised our eyebrow is the fact that it was a daily ritual for the lovebirds to wash each others’ under garments in the madcap house.

“He used to wash my lingerie too and would even take my outbursts calmly. Sometimes, I would even hit him with my high-heels. Episodes aired only showed me washing his undies, but that wasn`t the case as the affection was mutual,” revealed Veena.

Ashmit and Veena were two of the contestants in the season 4 of popular reality show `Bigg Boss`. Owing to their intimacy during the show, the pair was in the limelight for a long time.

For washing undies and then getting hit by Veena’s expensive sandals, our definitely heart goes out to poor Ashmit for daring to ‘love’ Veena.