Simon Monjack had missed heart bypass op before death

Last Updated: May 25, 2010, 12:31 PM IST

Melbourne: Late actress Brittany Murphy`s husband Simon Monjack, who died on Sunday, had skipped heart bypass surgery, it has emerged.

Murphy`s mother Sharon found the screenwriter`s body in his Hollywood home.

He reportedly suffered a cardiac arrest. Police said the death appeared to be due to "natural causes."

Now, a Brittany Murphy Foundation representative has revealed that Monjack had missed a heart bypass surgery.

"Simon needed a (heart) bypass," the Herald Sun quoted Roger Neal, representing the Brittany Murphy Foundation, as telling a magazine.

He added: "I was told he needed a bypass, and I said to him, `Simon, you have so much going on, let`s keep you healthy.` I said, `You want to be healthy. Don`t you?` He said yes, but he said, `The bypass can wait.`

"I don`t know how much of an emergency it was.

"The doctors would have made him get it immediately if he needed it, but Sharon confirmed with me he did need a bypass. They didn`t make it public because he had so much going on."

Monjack`s actress wife Murphy had died from pneumonia and a drug overdose on December 20, 2009.