Snoop Dogg detained for cannabis possession at Norwegian airport

New York: Snoop Dogg was detained at Norway airport on Thursday for carrying marijuana and more cash than is legally allowed.

The 40-year-old rapper was packing 8 grams of cannabis when he was detained in customs at Kjevic Airport in Kristiansand.

Authorities were able to discover the sneaky stash with the help of their customs drug dogs.

According to Norway’s Verdens Gang newspaper, customs officers weren’t able to recognize the megastar at first and found him to be polite and cooperative, showing “no prima donna whims.”

Because his stowed-away drug was a small amount, Snoop was fined about 1,980 dollars and released.

The self-proclaimed cannabis connoisseur was slapped with another fine of about 7,000 dollars for carrying more cash than is legally allowed.

Snoop, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, was scheduled to perform in Norway Thursday night at the Hove Festival in the southern town of Kristiansand.

Shortly after the incident, he posted a photo on Twitter that appeared to show him passing a joint.

“Smoking crip n. cuzns. Hahahahagahhaha,” the New York Daily News quoted the caption.

The airport incident was the rapper’s second drug bust this year alone.