Tom Cruise is Zac Efron`s ‘personal guru’

Los Angeles: Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise has reportedly become a mentor to `High School Musical` actor Zac Efron.

The two actors, who recently became friends after realising they are both motorcycle enthusiasts, speak regularly, with Cruise becoming the younger star`s "professional and personal guru", National Enquirer reported.

"Tom and Zac clicked the minute they met. Now, when Zac gets a script to consider, his first call is to Tom. Tom warned Zac to diversify and not get pigeon-holed in one type of role," a source said.

As well as giving Efron professional advice, the `Mission Impossible` star, who is married to Katie Holmes - advises his young friend of personal matters too.

"Zac is extremely shrewd, but he considers Tom a personal and professional guru. Tom also warned Zac how to conduct himself in public," the source added.

The pair are enjoying their bonding sessions so much, they are even considering working on a new movie together. "They`ve even talked about teaming up on a film together - the way Tom did with Paul Newman I the 1986 film `The Colour of Money`," the source said.