Usher accosted by angry woman for parking in handicap spot

Updated: Oct 31, 2011, 08:45 AM IST

Los Angeles: R&B star Usher has become the target of an angry citizen for not following the rules and parking his car in the spot reserved for handicaps.

The `OMG` hitmaker was in Atlanta, Georgia for the annual Little 5 Points Halloween Parade on October 22 when he was accosted by a woman who caught him parking in a handicapped spot, reported TMZ.

The altercation took place in a parking lot of a shopping center. An eyewitness said that the 33-year-old singer was approached by the woman when he was still sitting in the driver`s seat. It was said that the woman demanded him to move his car, but he refused.

According to the witness, the woman then shook up a beer and sprayed it at him through his open SUV window. In return,Usher grabbed a water bottle and splashed her back. The move infuriated the woman further that she kicked his driver`s side door, leading him to exit his car and confront her.

In a video documenting part of the altercation, the woman is seen screaming, flailing her arms, and grabbing Usher`s hooded sweatshirt.

She shouted at him, "You don`t belong here!" while a group of people, including a man dressed as Elvis Presley, attempted to break up the argument.