Vivek Oberoi hopes Narendra Modi becomes India`s Prime Minister

ANI| Updated: Feb 25, 2014, 12:23 PM IST

New Delhi: Vivek Oberoi has revealed that he wants BJP`s Narendra Modi to swear in as the next Prime Minister of India.

While flagging off the `Run for your country` marathon, the 37-year-old said, "What I am seeing is that the entire team of BJP, be it volunteers or common people or the leaders have got so energized by Narendra Modi ji that if he becomes our Prime Minister and the dream of lakhs of people come true, you can imagine how much energy will be filled within our country".

"As I can see that the Indian youth all over the country are very disappointed so to influx them with a new energy and hope in them we have organized this marathon.

It`s a symbolic run and want when Modi ji becomes the Prime Minister, even India runs ahead the rest of the world in the race of economic revolution and regains the position it deserves", he added.

The marathon was organized by Yuva Bharat Foundation and the intention behind the run was to educate women and youth to cast vote in the upcoming general elections