Wahlberg, Smith offered $1 mn for charity boxing match

London: Actors Mark Wahlberg and Will Smith have been offered $1 million each to fight in a celebrity boxing match.

Both actors have portrayed boxers on the big screen - Wahlberg in ‘The Fighter’ and Smith in ‘Ali’. Damon Feldman, CEO of Hollywood Boxing Federation, is hoping they will put their sporting skills to the test for a charity bout in February.

"This will be a great opportunity for both stars to fight in the Superbowl of Hollywood boxing and donate millions to their favourite charities. It would be a great event too. Can you imagine," femalefirst.co.uk quoted Feldman as saying.

"Both guys have trained with professional boxers. Will Smith played Muhammad Ali in `Ali` and was phenomenal. Wahlberg is currently playing Mickey Ward in `The Fighter`. Come on, I really think that this would be a huge event and great way for them to donate to their favourite charities," Feldman added.