When Justin Bieber was picked up by police

London: Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber has confessed he was once brought home by police after breaking a curfew by sneaking out in the middle of the night.

The 16-year-old singer got in trouble with the authorities when he was younger after he and his friend snuck outside in the middle of the night, not realising there was a curfew in the area, reported Contactmusic.

"I snuck out once. My friend slept over and we were like, `Let`s go out.` We just went biking and were being stupid but we weren`t doing anything bad," said Bieber.

"But the police saw us and brought me back home, because there was a curfew on the area! It was two in the morning and I got grounded for a month! That`s the worst trouble I`ve ever been in," he added.

Now that he is famous, the `Baby` hitmaker always tries to be on his best behaviour but admits it`s not always easy.

"Well, I try not to be rude, but people push and push you. I was at this photo shoot and these guys were like, `Put this on, it looks really cool,` and I was like, `I don`t really like that, I don`t wanna wear that.` This is me, I wear a hoodie, I`m just easy," said Bieber.



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