When Neil and Ankita had a fight…

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Mumbai: The world of late has witnessed some ‘real’ Bollywood action, thanks to celebs starring in unscripted plots. At least that’s how it appears with A-listers loosing temper at the drop of the hat.

After the great Bollywood slapgate between Shah Rukh Khan and Shirish Kunder, Nawab Saif Ali Khan was accused of assaulting a fellow diner and now the latest to join the league is another Bollywood hottie – Neil Nitin Mukesh.

There is a word in the town that Neil Nitin Mukesh had a showdown with ‘good friend’ Ankita Shorey at the recently held Riteish Deshmukh’s brother’s wedding reception. Apparently, the argument between them got so heated up that it nearly got to a point that Ankita almost slapped Neil.

So, what exactly happened?

Well, there are different versions doing the rounds, and if certain sources are to be believed it becomes quite bizarre to comment that the two even had a fight!

According to a source, Miss India winner Ankita was angry with the actor because Neil broke his promise to introduce her to producers at the party. She screamed, “You have embarrassed me. You were supposed to introduce me to people, but you were not even looking at me at the party. You were supposed to come with me, but you came with Puja (Gupta).”

Now some say that more than Neil not introducing Ankita to the producers, the girl was peeved over the actors’ latest arm candy- Puja Gupta.

Ankita was heard saying, “I did not expect this from you. I am sending my driver to pick up all my stuff. This is over between us.”

However, Neil had a different version to narrate. “It wasn`t a fight. It`s disgusting that I have to justify to the world what I do in my personal life. Ankita is a very sweet girl and she is a friend. She was upset about something and all I was doing is trying to pacify her. She is not my girlfriend, but I have known her for a while now and we are part of the same friend circle. As far as me introducing her to people goes, all I can say is I have not had a godfather in this industry and everyone has to find their own way. Having said that, I will help her in whatever way I can,” said Neil.

To which you have to listen to what Ankita had say, “Neil and I were not fighting over another girl, but over a guy. There was someone at the party, whose name I cannot mention, who misbehaved with me. I was very upset and disturbed at that point and hence I was crying. I went into the washroom and Neil came in. I think that`s where he went a little wrong. He was concerned about me. He was lecturing me about how I should not take these things seriously. When I asked for my stuff, all I meant was I wanted to pick up my shawl, which was in Neil`s car. And no we are not seeing each other.”

Well, whatever transpired between the two was squared by another source who revealed that Neil and Ankita were spotted together at a late night after party thrown by Jackky Bhagnani.

The source said, “By the end of it they seemed to have worked things out because they were cosying up at the after party. They both seemed a little drunk, so I guess it was one of those lovers spats which got over after a while.”

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