Whitney Houston had grabbed woman by her ponytail in cinema hall

Updated: Jul 27, 2012, 15:25 PM IST

London: Whitney Houston’s closest pal BeBe Winans, who was so close to the late singer that he considered her his “sister”, has now written an account of his deep friendship with the troubled star.

In ‘The Whitney I Knew’, which will be published later this month, the 49-year-old relives some of their most precious moments together and recounts how the singer struggled with the pressures of fame.

During the interview, the Grammy-winning gospel singer described the time Whitney stood up for herself during a row in a cinema.

“What I’m going to miss most is ‘crazy Whitney’,” a leading daily has quoted him as saying.

“Whitney always wanted to know why I never liked to go to movies with her. Well, it’s because she talked so much.

“I remember I went to see the Prince Of Tides with her in the early Nineties. Near the end of the movie the woman sitting in front of Whitney turned around and said, ‘Can you shut up please?’

“Whitney grabbed the woman’s blonde ponytail and said, ‘You shouldn’t be so rude’. Then she pushed her head forward.

“The woman stood up and screamed and her boyfriend stood up like he was getting ready to fight. We grabbed Whitney and bolted out of the theatre.

“Whitney was laughing and saying, ‘That was so much fun!’

“I wasn’t surprised at all because I knew exactly the sort of person she was. She could stand her ground. She didn’t need a bodyguard!

“She was unruly and she was vibrant and she was crazy — she was honest to who she was,” he said.

BeBe believes that Whitney may not have needed physical protection, but has she been shielded better from the demands of fame, she may not have had her life blighted by drug addiction.