Christina Hendricks obsessed with red hair

London: Hollywood actress Christina Hendricks` red hair is a result of her childhood obsession with a fairy-tale character.

The naturally blonde beauty insisted as a child she was "obsessed" with the children`s book `Anne Of Green Gables` and started colouring her hair red at the age of ten to imitate her literary heroine, Contactmusic reported.

"When I was 10, I was obsessed with `Anne Of Green Gables` and I wanted to have her beautiful red hair. So my mother said, `Let`s just go to the drugstore and get one of those cover-the-grey rinses!` My hair was very blonde at the time but it went carrot red. I was over the moon - and I went back to that colour again and again.

Now the `Mad Men` star has realised that the shade attracts a lot of attention and helps people identify her. "I`ve always attracted attention for the way I look and that`s not a bad thing if you`re trying to make your mark in the business. But after a while you just want people to notice you for your work!" said the 35-year-old actress.

The curvaceous beauty also said that her UK size 14 figure makes it tedious to convince designers to make her dresses, but she always opts for outfits that would make her look "pretty", regardless of their style.

"At the end of the day, you have to remind yourself to wear the things you love - go with what you think is pretty. I`m still struggling to get designers to give me some dresses," she added.