Do you have oily skin? Choose beauty products wisely

New Delhi, May 21 (IANS) Women with extra sheen are often confused when they have to pick beauty products. Will it make my skin more oily or will it lead to acne? There are ways to tackle the problem, says an expert.

Kiran Lohia, medical director of Lumiere Dermatology, shares the following to make choosing beauty products for oily skin easy:

* Always look for moisturisers, which are non-comedogenic - the ones that do not cause pimples.

* Try to use gels or lotions instead of creams as the latter will make your skin look greasier.

* Look for washes with salicylic acid. It is an important active that cuts through the excess oil and gets rid of blackheads.

* Once you turn 28, you will find that your skin will need a bit more moisturisation than it did before. You will also want to start your anti-ageing skin regimen. So, look for actives such as vitamin C, retinol, retinyl palmitate, lactic acid or glycolic acid for the best anti-ageing results.

* Always remember to apply sunscreen.